The home stretch!

14 days left of this semester! Oh how time flies!

I have three pieces of assessment to go and then I am all done! (Thank God)

I cannot express how excited I am but stressed and nervous at the same time!

While I admit I have struggled at times with the way this course has been delivered (I find it difficult to learn by reading lots of information!), I have still learnt so much and cannot believe I managed to create a website for assignment 1 which received some really positive feedback from the marker! Overall, this course offered so many new experiences – some of which I didn’t find the best and some of which I really enjoyed. I feel like this course acted as a bit of a trial and error for us – allowing us to determine which ICT ideas we really enjoyed and can see ourselves using in the classroom, and which we are not too sure about and may need some time to grow on us.


One thought on “The home stretch!

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